The History of Carriage Hill

Early in the 1920's, Canton attorney Clarence G. Herbruck chose the building site for the home you are visiting by way of virtual tour today. The architects, James M. Hamilton and Frank B. Meade of Cleveland, designed this house in the revival styles that were popular at that time.

Carriage Hill remains one of the finest examples of English Tudors in this area.

Upon completion of the house in 1925, Clarence Herbruck died of illness. His wife, the former Frances Alexander of Canton, and his two sons, Henry and Charles survived him. In November of 1926, Sidney and Florence Erlanger purchased the house. Mr. Erlanger was the proprietor of Erlanger Dry Goods, later known as Stark Dry Goods Company of Canton. The Erlangers had one child, Janet.

Upon the death of her father, in 1941, Janet and her husband Jerome Blate became the owners, and lived in the house with their three sons.

In 1956, Janet and Jerry Blate moved to New York City and sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dickes. Mr. Dickes and his family lived in the house until June of 1958, when they sold it to the Sisters of Notre Dame. The Sisters called the house Maryhill, and opened a kindergarten in September of 1959.

In May, of 1960, the Sisters purchased the large white colonial house and 16 acres of additional property, which was located to the right of the long winding driveway, from the Simon Fischgrund family. Eight years later, in 1968, the Sisters of Notre Dame sold the property to the present owners, Donald W. Geitgey family.

It is our hope that you will carry away a beautiful memory of this special place, created through the talents and efforts of exceptional people.